Our virtual learning fit your hand = "Technology is a tool and like all tools it should fit your hand..." (Snowden, 2009). Mostly at vU5 we also follow the UYOD approach, Use-Your-Own-Device, something like BYOT aka BYOD, "Bring-Your-Own-Device/Technology". It makes economical sense for many students. 

"Programmes using the BYOT approach are significantly less expensive and can be implemented more quickly, relying on the mobile devices that most students and educators in the region already own. However, the majority of these devices are standard, 2G mobile phones. While these phones generally support Global System for Mobile (GSM) connectivity and text messaging, and may have additional features such as cameras, music players and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) navigators that allow users to connect to the internet, their connections tend to be slower and their operating systems have fewer options for upgrading and running third-party applications. BYOT programmes may reduce costs and implementation time, but they will be limited by the technological capacity of the devices currently in use in the target population"1.

 Knowledge Movement

"...A knowledge movement is centred within the lives and places of those who are seeking recognition of their rights, their land claims, access to jobs, ecological justice, recovery or retention of their languages. Knowledge itself within such a movement formation is most likely place-based and rooted in the daily lives of people who increase their knowledge of their own contexts, and by sharing what they are learning with allies and others like themselves move..." 1

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