Can I study at vU5 using my smart phone?

 Yes, vU5 is mobile friendly, in fact you can study for a whole National Diploma or National Certificate on your smart phone without ever setting foot on a campus.

Quality Standard Setting & Quality Assurance?

    • The Education & Training Authorities in South Africa quality assures our learning programmes and assessment practice. This acid test is done at least once a year and a 25% random sample is drawn for external moderation.
    • We subscribe to the National Qualifications Framework and SAQA standards.
    • We passed this acid test once again in February 2012.

Does the student have to attend any lectures?

    • No, there are no earth-based lectures to attend. You log into our virtual campus and do it online.

How and when are the courses presented?

    • Our courses are presented online in an anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anypace mode, aka wherever, whenever, whatever...

Is a matric certificate required?

    • No, a matric certificate is not always required. We believe education must be open and accessible by all. Our courses are aligned to the South African Qualifications Framework.

What are the entry requirements?

    • You must be older than 15, have access to a computer with internet, access to a mobile phone and have an email address. Certain qualifications assume that certain learning is in place.

When does certification happen?

    • Certification happens at the press of a button, after you have achieved competence in each module of a course. The certificate is generated in PDF format which you can store electronically for printing.

Are the certificates recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority?

    • Yes, we are accredited by the ETDP Seta, the education & training authority in South Africa. Our accreditation number is 10380.

Do you have programme approval?

    • Yes, all our programmes are approved by the various Education, Training and Development Authorities.

Are your assessors and moderators constituently registered?

    • All our assessors and moderators are constituently registered with the various Education, Training and Development Authorities. Without constituent assesors and moderators accreditation is not possible.

How many years does one have to study for a recognised advanced national certificate?

    • It depends how much effort and work you put into it. The average student takes between 1200 and 1800 notional hours.

What does virtual learning entail?

    • You login in with a username and password.
    • You access to lessons, resources (digital library), assignments and your grades
    • You complete your assignments online
    • You receive your certificate online
    • You engage in learning activities online
    • You communicate and interact with facilitators and classmates online
    • You plan by managing your calendar online
    • You may ask for academic and technical support online when needed
    • You access our virtual campus using a computer or mobile connected to the internet

Do you offer corporate training?

    • Yes, we offer corporate training. Contact Nomkhita at

Do you offer training other than in virtual mode?

    • No, we offer one mode: Virtual, Mobile aka Online.  

Do you have lecturers?

    • Yes, a course has one main e-facilitator who is responsible for the teaching and learning activities/ The e-assessor is responsible for assignments. A course may have also e-tutors who support the students. 
Last modified: Saturday, 6 July 2013, 6:54 AM