Yes, we do it with an official passport. Virtual Academy of South Africa is accredited with the ETDP Seta. We also have programme approval with Services Seta.

We are the first and entirely virtual educational institution accredited by the Education Training & Development Authority, ETDP Seta. This means our certification is nationally recognised by the South African Qualification Authority. We have now also applied with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training. Virtual University is a member of the Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and development (APPETD).

Our new way of learning and achieving competence is "a complete tear down and rebuild of traditional education, where learning is a joint effort and roles are reborn".

Accreditations: ETDP Seta -10380 | Service Seta - 2675 | Membership: APPETD - 2083

 Constituent Registrations

Yes, we do it with an official passport, all our virtual facilitators, assessors and moderators are constituently registered with the various education & training authorities in South Africa. The list is published with every course.

 Quality Model

In our quality model the student is at the centre of her/his own development. We offer a Learner-Orientated Service (LOS) supporting the Subjective Preference Profile. "...Ons is los van die grense van die industriele opleidings model. Opleiding by vU5 kan nie gekoop word of mee getrade word nie, ons is los van die worsmasjien attitude..."

This means we focus on the student's needs and situation according to their subjective preference profile. This also means that no longer can general criteria or the same guidelines for all learners be applied. 'There is no patent remedy and no universally applicable standard perspective for developing or assuring quality. Quality development always has to take different perspectives and different meanings into account', (Ehlers, 2004).

In our 'instructional' approach, students and lecturers (e-facilitators and e-assessors) never meet on earth, which has important implications for learning and student support. We focus on getting the student autonomous and ready for the world of work, freed from ensponging knowledge. This is why support and guidance is available 24*7 and includes compulsory tutorials online in synchronous and non-synchronous modes (Theory = 30%, and application of knowledge in the world of work = 70%). This is an important part of our instructional model and serve to both support and motivate the learner and the v-Team.

 Organisation Model

We have a high business practice emphasis, aka the Central Enterprise Model: We provide central student services and academic articulation. We are not organizationally embedded in an academic agency. We build revenue streams for self-sustainability and we engage in quality control, performance measurement, standardisation, and benchmarking. We exert strong management control over our operations because we are self-sustaining. In addition we help to improve the efficiency of the higher education system by playing a strong role in quality assurance; playing a strong role in standardisation and scalability; and we actively measure our progress toward our goals and benchmarking ourselves against peers.


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